Hi, I'm Matt!
Developer @ CDHI, UofT

I work at as the Digital Humanities Developer for the Critical Digital Humanities Initiative at the University of Toronto. I also serve as the Project Coordinator for the Department of Language Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).

My Projects

Bioline Processor


I created this project as a way to partially automate the workflow process for Bioline International.

It fills in journal article metadata in XML files that are used for abstract display on the Bioline International website as well as correcting discrepencies in metadata and applying text formatting, all tasks which formerly had to be completed manually.

CFL ePlatform

Pug/Jade React CSS Node MongoDB

I designed this website as a supplementary e-learning tool for the Department of Language Studies (formerly Centre for French & Linguistics) to use in introductory language courses. It provides an online platform to host interactive exercises and media for students to complete/study as a part of their coursework.

Currently in use for FREA96H3: Introductory French I and FREA97H3: Introductory French II at UTSC.


React CSS Node MongoDB

This is an online tool developed to illicit and collect language data (translations & recordings) from speakers of endangered, Indigenous languages while allowing researchers to gloss inputted data.

Currently in use for an Indigenous language revitalization project at UTSC for the following languages: Ojibwe, Munsee, Kinyankole, Luganda, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Unami

About Me

I graduated summa cum laude from UTSC in June 2019 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Linguistics (double major).

I have been involved in a number of projects building custom (web) applications in JavaScript/jQuery/React, CSS, and HTML/Pug/Jade, as well as Python. I am currently not searching for a new position.

I also collect instruments and write arrangements for wind groups, from quartets to choirs. Links to sheet music of my arrangements will be provided below (coming soon!)

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